1. What are Pros and Cons of Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets?

Aside from lacquer kitchen cabinets being aesthetically beautiful and glossy, especially with bright color paints, these are also durable. Some homeowners also report that lacquer kitchen cabinets could last for years.

As mentioned, there are different types of lacquer finish for wood; however, all of these still provide the same reflective finish. Moreover, it also gives more depth to cabinet designs that have dimensions.

When it comes to looking at the cons, the only downside is that the glossy surface requires wiping from time to time. It can easily catch fingerprints, water splashes, and other liquid stains, which can become annoying for others.


  1. Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets Accessories
  • Carcase Material

Regardless of what type your cabinets are, it needs to have a carcase for proper storage. The most basic and durable carcase for your lacquer cabinet is plywood, or you can also invest in high-quality particle boards.

  • Color

The color of paint you use for your cabinet can also be considered an accessory because it can complement or tie your kitchen’s overall look.

  • Countertop

Your countertop and the material you choose can also be considered an accessory that compliments your entire kitchen. You can choose marble, granite, or tiles for your countertop that fits your budget.

  • Hardware

Your cabinet door also plays an important role when you look for accessories. Some of the accessories for your doors and drawers can include knobs, cabinet drawer pulls, hinges, slides, and other hardware types.

  1. How Much does it Cost to Lacquer Cabinets?

The most basic price starts at $1,500 for refinishing. The highest national average pricing for high-end jobs starts at $2,800 and could go up to $6,000. However, if you are on a budget, you can also choose to work with a contractor to provide low-end results, which typically starts at $700.

  1. Is Lacquer Suitable for Kitchen Cabinets?

With all the advantages and features mentioned above, it’s safe to say that lacquer kitchen cabinets are suitable, if not best, for your kitchen. It has all the elements that you need to have durable cabinets that can withstand scratches, resist water, and is easy to clean and maintain.



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